Rives Grogan, Professional Anti-Choice Protester, Disrupts Another Event

Some may know him as the “idiot on the field,” after a highly publicized jaunt on the field during the World Series, complete with an anti-abortion poster with “vote Romney/Ryan” on one side. But Rives Grogan is more than just a one-time protester, he’s an anti-choice minister determined to use public events to get President Barack Obama to allegedly answer for his support for a woman’s right to choose.

Grogan’s latest disturbance is a dramatic heckling of the president at a rally in Lima, Ohio, where he was dragged out of the balcony for yelling during the President’s speech, and displaying graphic images on a poster from the balcony.

“Stop Obama,” he shouted as he was removed from the venue by security, according to the Lima local news. “Make Obama answer the questions. All the lies of Benghazi. Four Americans are dead because of the lies of Benghazi. Abortion, 3,000 babies die every day because of abortion.”

That’s just the more recent escapade, however. In June, Grogan was arrested for disrupting the Senate when he broke in to shout anti-choice rhetoric, as well as praise for Senator John McCain. Twice in the previous six years he has been arrested for yelling during Supreme Court hearings. In October, he even heckled Pat Robertson at a values voters conference.

According to Philly.com:

Robertson was in the middle of his presentation when a loud and unexpected dose of partisanship came from the audience.

“Obama is bringing sin on the nation. Support Mitt Romney,” yelled Rives Grogan of Los Angeles. “Don’t be a hypocrite. Who are you going to vote for?”

Grogan, who described himself as an antiabortion protester and pastor of the New Beginnings Christian Church in Los Angeles, held up a plaque with several photos of bloodied images.

Robertson continued his speech, followed by a prayer, but eventually told Grogan to “shut your mouth” because “this is not political.” Robertson also told Grogan he was disrespecting the prayer.

Luckily for Grogan, the leaders of the religious right are a forgiving bunch. Just a few weeks later, a representative from Focus on the Family joined Grogan at an event for anti-choice advocates in Danville, Kentucky, just days after Grogan was arrested for refusing to leave a tree prior to the vice presidential debate.

In fact, Grogan has an extensive arrest record, most of which involves breaking into restricted access areas in the Capitol, according to Roll Call, especially during the ramp up to the Congressional battle over reproductive care funding. Instead, it seems that he has put that zeal into protesting at campaign functions leading up to election day.

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  • crowepps

    This guy protested in his trademark loud and obnoxious manner in the Supreme Court twice and

    “police dragged away Grogan after he had been shouting during a Supreme Court session.

    In both of those instances, he was charged under a law that makes it a crime to give “a harangue or oration” or to utter loud, threatening or abusive language in the Supreme Court building, both media outlets reported.”


    and then he interrupted a sports event and police dragged him away

    “arrested on charges of trespassing and resisting arrest, Hamilton County court records show”

    and now he’s thrown one of his silly tantrums in an Obama campaign event and been dragged off and arrested.

    What I’m wondering is, how come people just like him, people who think their personal beliefs are SO much more important than those of everyone else that they are entitled to interfere with others going about their lawful business by screaming at them and showing them disgusting photos and laying on the ground in front of them kicking their heels and howling, how come when they get in front of patients going into a clinic all of a sudden arrests aren’t happening?

    Why is it that Supreme Court Justices, and baseball players/fans, and people at political rallies all have a right to be protected from hysterical lunatics, but ordinary women walking down the street in the vicinity of medical clinics can be harassed and intimidated?

    Is it an extension of street harassment, and is the idea that women who dare to leave their homes are presumed fair game for any religious fanatic who wants to attack them?

  • marijacc

    Was just keeping an eye on the US elections, online from other side of the globe & I come across this guy protesting abortion at an Obama rally. My goodness, who is this guy??!! What a hero, he doesn’t give a fig for the thousands hating him for raising his voice, he is only thinking about the hundreds of thousands of babies you Americans are happy to slaughter. We have the same problem in my country, but this guy Rives, what an inspiration!!!!