• cathy-levy

    Andrew, you just made my day.  Leadership is so important.  Your article, your writing, your thinking, shows leadership.   Our country needs leaders that display integrity, character, hope for the future, service to others, and a coherent direction that lifts people up rather than tears them down.  You nailed it when you said that the country is diverse, that people have multifaceted tools for organizing and making justice come to pass.  The people who long for the “good old days” when things seemed more simple to them, had better get with the program.  The good old days were BAD.  We are NOT going back there.  Our diversity is GOOD.   When we have diversity, we have creativity, innovation, and growth.  When we have justice, we have fairness instead of domination.  Voting for the environment, education, marriage equality, and reproductive rights is voting for FAIRNESS and JUSTICE.  I’m a religious person, and JUSTICE is a very religious concept.  It’s related to MERCY, COMPASSION, STEWARSHIP and LOVE.  We are the way FORWARD… that’s what progressive thinkers are about!  We are NOT going back.  And your generation is the key to making sure that doesn’t happen.  You are smart, you are tuned in, and you will not stand for it.  THANK YOU, Andrew, for making my day, and for making the country a better place.

  • lasara

    Thank you for writing this article. I’m sharing it out to my networks. Your message is invaluable.