Iowa Antis Want Stricter Abortion Restrictions Because, They Claim, Doctors Are Diagnosing Women’s Health!

Many of the anti-choice movement’s arguments revolve around the idea that a politician should have more say when it comes to carrying a pregnancy to term than a woman and her physician. Now, a group of Iowa advocates would like to see doctors’ medical input thrown out all together.

A letter in the Iowa Times-Republican titled “Iowa’s abortion laws too relaxed” offers a laundry list of concerns that it is too easy to terminate a pregnancy in the state, including through tele-med abortions and because of the ability of teens to seek judicial waivers if a parental consent is not in her best interest. However, one issue the group has with the laws is downright alarming. “A doctor can interpret if an abortion is necessary for a woman’s health,” bemoan the writers.

And that is bad? Of course doctors would be the ones who say if a woman has a health issue. Who else should be allowed to make that decision, legislators?

Perhaps so. The letter then provides a list of candidates to vote for to remedy these “lax” restrictions.

Who do you want making the final decision on your health—your doctor, or politicians and  priests?

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  • thalwen

    Oh no! Not the doctors! I mean, these people have medical training! They have contact with the patient! They understand the risks and benefits of various procedures! If this is allowed to continue, women will be allowed to get competent medical care! A travesty!

  • liberaldem

    Yes, imagine allowing doctors, who have actual medical training, to treat their patients and assist their patients in making medical decisions that are in the patient’s best interest.


    I”ve got an idea: how about we just castrate all the men so that women can’t get pregnant? Now that will stop all abortions….



  • coralsea

    My brother is one of those guys who is absolutely sure that he knows more about absolutely everything than me — simply by virtue of being male.  I have also worked with men (I work in a technical field) who, when I tell them the answer to something, will either pretend they didn’t hear me or immediately look at another MAN to confirm whether what I have said is true.


    I fear that this is an example of “Conservative Man Disease,” which is a similar strain of illness as “Religious Man Disease” (or its variant — “Religious Woman who wants to please religious men by oppressing other women Disease”).


    I really think all of the pronouncements about rape, contraception, abortion, sex education, and the like spewing forth from primarily Republican politicians is indicative of a very, very deep distrust of women that causes them to either convince themselves that we are too damn dumb to make decisions or that we are, indeed, potentially evil temptress/witches/feminists demanding equal pay, and many other things that terrify these bozos.  If it wasn’t that “voting conservative” is the default position for so many low-information voters, it would be funny.  But these guys (and the women who back them up) have the ability to do a lot of damage to women and girls–and secular society as well.