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    Thanks for this excellent piece! For another example (complementing the excellent work of Catholics for Choice), the Religous Coalition for Reproductive Choice released a Religious Leaders’ Statement on Birth Control, Religious Freedom, and Conscience on July 2, 2012. Signed by more than 200 individuals from across the country, it reads, in part: 

    “The  ability  to  decide  when  and  under  what  circumstances  to  have  children  is  critical  to  the  health,  happiness,  and stability  of women and  families  across  the  globe. We believe in  expanding  the  availability  of  health  care  resources—especially to those individuals and communities whose options have been disproportionately limited by income, race, or other  factors. As  religious  leaders,  we  support  public  policies  that  make  birth  control  more  economically accessible.

    We believe that decisions about birth control are a matter of individual conscience. Individuals—not employers—should be responsible for making choices about birth control. To preserve both fairness and religious freedom, institutions that employ and serve the general public should not be allowed to discriminate for religious reasons.” 

    The full statement and list of signers is available at http://www.rcrc.org/pdf/July%202012_Statement.pdf


    In Faith, 


    Rev. Rob Keithan

    Director of Public Policy

    Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

  • abl

    Thanks very much for that link. 




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