Abortion Legal for Rape Survivors in Argentina Except When the Courts Step In

Imagine a country where abortion is legal if you become pregnant as a result of rape, but strangers could step in and force you to give birth. This might happen to a woman in Argentina whose abortion has been put on hold at the request of an anti-choice group—with the court’s approval.

Via Fox News:

A court order that barred a rape victim Tuesday from having an abortion has sparked a heated controversy in Argentina.

The embattled judicial ruling came in response to a motion by the Pro-Vida (Pro-Life) group to stop the interruption of a 32-year-old woman’s pregnancy.

The operation was to be the first non-punishable abortion performed in a public hospital following the legal reform passed by the Buenos Aires municipal legislature.

Judge Myrian Rustan ordered the suspension of the abortion and said that health authorities should provide “physical and psychiatric assistance to the patient,” Pro-Vida attorney Pedro Andereggen told official news agency Telam.

The decision contradicts an Argentine Supreme Court ruling in March that decriminalizes abortion in case of rape.

Pro-Vida apparently learned the identity of the hospital where the abortion was to be performed and stepped in to “defend the rights of the unborn.” According to an article in Koas in la Red (google translated), the group said that “the unborn child is a person” and that “the child should not be punished.” Its lawyer, Andereggen Pedro, claimed that abortion would not “alleviate the trauma” of the woman and would potentially make it worse once she understood she was “murdering” her child.

The release of medical information, such as where the procedure would be performed, was a violation of this woman’s right to privacy. That’s disturbing enough, but it’s also disturbing that justifications for attempting to force rape survivors to give birth are seemingly the same, regardless of the country.


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  • jennifer-starr

    Boy this makes me mad–the way these so-called ‘pro-lifers’ are invading this woman’s privacy and bodily integrity  is too disgusting for words.  And these people have the nerve to call themselves ‘moral’ ??  Please. 

  • give-em-hell-mary

    How about this creep?


    I’ll bet the forced-birthers tormenting this rape victim have abortions in their closets too like the creep above.  And his excuse was to hide his adultery with his patient!

  • jennifer-starr

    Scott Desjarlais– yet another disgusting excuse for a human being.  Ever notice how these so called ‘family values’ people rarely practice anything they preach? 

  • jennifer-starr

    And rest assured–this has very little to do with protecting ‘a baby’ and everything to do with exercising control over women’s lives. This actually applies to the Desjarlais situation as well, if you think about it.  Antichoice people simply cannot stand the fact that uppity women are making reproductive choices without consulting them–without getting down on their knees and begging for permission first.  It’s all about control, and the fear that they might be losing the control drives them absolutely nuts. 

  • thalwen

    This can hopefully be appealed in time? 

    I can’t imagine the hatred one has to have towards women to force a rape survivor to bear the rapist’s baby. Of course, if the baby is born, the anti-choicers will disappear, as they consider helping living people to be immoral unChristian socialism.