Sex, Lies, Contraception, and a Really Awful Video

Part of my job with a family planning advocacy organization involves keeping an eye on what the other side is up to, crazy videos included. And this one is a real doozy.

The video, called “You Deserve to Know the Truth: Contraception” (catchy!) was uploaded to YouTube by an organization called Come Unity in Truth on Sept. 26 and mentioned by @LifeSite as a “GREAT new teaching video on the harms of contraception.”

Well, I have a few words for it, and “great” isn’t one of them. Perhaps “misleading.” “Ridiculous.” “Offensive.” And plain old “wrong.” Here are the “facts” it gives:

  • When women use the birth control pill, they are no longer desirable to men. While some studies have shown that altering women’s hormones might slightly change the laws of attraction, humans aren’t animals. We don’t solely rely on hormones when choosing mates. Yet the video’s makers present this laughable scenario:  “What’s a man to do when the majority of women are contracepting, and he no longer finds them desirable?” More women than ever are using IUDs. Perhaps our poor man will meet one of them?
  • Because of that, women who use contraception have to dress all naughty to get male attention. In the video’s words: “contracepting women degrade themselves through immodest dress” in order to make up for the fact that men don’t find them attractive anymore. See! Rush Limbaugh was right!
  • The World Health Organization has classified contraception as a Class 1 carcinogen. Yes, sort of. The WHO says that combined estrogen and progestin can slightly increase the risk of liver, breast and cervical cancer, but they also PROTECT against endometrial and ovarian cancer. And the studies were done on pills with up to 4 times the amount of hormones women take in today’s oral contraceptives. These are very small relative risks that are found with most forms of medication. Watched a Cialis commercial lately?
  • The inventor of the birth control pill blames his invention for “demographic catastrophe.” Completely false. Carl Djerassi debunked that here in 2009. The anti-contraception crowd knowingly takes him out of context.
  • “We’re contracepting ourselves out of existence.” Not even close. There are 7 billion people on the planet now, as I mentioned before. The United Nations projects that we’ll have at least 9 billion by 2050 – and possibly even 11 billion if everyone watches this video. I’ve never been good at math, but I do know that 11 is bigger than 7.
  • 30-150 million children have died because of IVF. Only if by “child” you mean “embryo,” and even that appears to be a major exaggeration.
  • Contraception “pollutes the heart” and rejects the “will of God.” The video also says that with contraception, “we allow passion to take over reason, and our actions become more like animals than humans,” and that contraception will lead to bestiality and pedophilia. The old slippery slope argument.
  • Sterilization has resulted in 223 million infertile couples. Stop me if I’m mistaken, but isn’t that’s the whole point of sterilization?
  • “If you had a valuable racehorse, because of its worth, you would want it to have as many offspring as possible.” Last time I checked, I’m not a racehorse.
  • “We should want to procreate – knowing that every person has a unique and immortal soul.” Well, many people DON’T want to have kidsfor a variety of reasons. Videos like this one try to make them feel bad about it, but there’s nothing wrong with it. No source was provided for the “unique and immortal soul” part. Imagine that!
  • “Pregnancy is not a risk – it’s a privilege.” Untrue. Pregnancy is always a risk. Depending on where you live and the care you receive, it can be a huge risk. Complications include ectopic pregnancy, fetal growth restriction, gestational hypertension, incompetent cervix, miscarriage, placenta accreta, placental abruption, RH factor, gestational diabetes, hyperemesis gravidarum, placenta previa, preeclampsia, toxoplasmosis and fistula, to name a few.

The video ends with this gem: “If someone you know is contracepting, tell them to stop. It will destroy them.” Unlike unintended pregnancies and unwanted children, which are totally awesome!

So … seen any good movies recently?

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  • brady-swenson

    is that in the description of the video on YouTube, they actually posted a correction of a mistated fact in the video… “Correction–1/4 acre is actually 10,890 square feet. This is corrected in the hard copy DVD.”  LOL.


  • barbara-louise

    Always, always, always the right-wing lies.  Anti-contraception is about keeping women as non-people totally in the control of men for sexual and reprocductive purposes.  The trouble with contraception is that it gives women a choice about whether or not to get pregnant.  

    Pay close attention, and the right-wing’s “women are property (the property of men), not people” message comes through each time.  Note the casual comparison of women to racehorses.  Racehorses are not people.  They are property.   

    It is unfortunately impossible to compromise about contracepion or abortion with people, right-wingers, not all of them men, who believe that women are not people, and must be controled by men because they are valuable sexual or reproductive property.   The concept of a woman having “choice” is laughble to such people.  “Ha!  How can a man’s property chose for itself?  She is a Thing, to be used for the furtherance of Man’s (white) civilization.  Should we allow individual cows and pigs to choose whether or not they want to be killed and eaten?  Property — cows, pigs, women — is to be used.  If Things are free to chose the course of their lives, anarkhy would result.”  

    (Anarkhy, or spelled “anarchy” if you prefer, can be defined as “The freedom of all people, in peaceful Solidarity with each other, to keep bullies from taking us over again.”)

    Black, Brown, and white poor or working class men beware!  Many of the 1% consider  men of the 99% to be property also.  And in America today, where might (especially financial) makes right, all of the 99%, not just women, are in danger of being legally declared propeety, and being used as such.


  • colleen

    “What’s a man to do when the majority of women are contracepting, and he no longer finds them desirable?”

    Admit he isn’t attracted to adult women


  • mindy-mcindy

    So, since I’m a lesbian, me and my wife making love is cool since we’re not “contracepting” anything?

  • thalwen

    So that’s how contraception works. I thought it prevented ovulation and so forth, turns out it makes men gay so they no longer want to have sex with women. Although some women will get extra slutty (though by their theory shouldn’t they be getting a bit butch?) so men will have sex with them causing imaginary babies to die. Devious. Then the sluts purposely pee in toilets causing our water supply to pollute our precious bodily fluids. Not to mention their devaluation of sex and babies, because if you have sex and don’t have a baby as a result, you hate babies. You know who else hated babies… Hitler(actually he was a forced birther but still.)


    It was all fine until they suggested we all move to Texas to prove there isn’t an overpopulation problem. There’s tarantulas there and I’m an arachnophobic slut.



  • leatherman

    I’m sure my post on that vid won’t get approved. LOL


    “thanks (not!) for comparing both men AND women to nothing more than biologically-driven animals like apes and racehorses. You’d think women would want to be loved for being who they are, not because their bodies are emitting some pheromone. This was the most misogynist piece of claptrap I’ve ever viewed.”

  • lepidopteryx

    “If you had a valuable racehorse, you would want it to have as many offspring as possible.”

    Stud horses aren’t mated to the same mare for their lifetimes. They are mated to lots of mares. So is this group promoting promiscuity?


    “Pregnancy isn’t a risk. It’s a privilege.” 

    My daughter and I both almost died during her birth. After a textbook perfect pregnancy, my labor went haywire. A second pregnancy would have put me and the baby at risk of dying, and put my daughter at risk of growing up motherless. 


    “Sterilization renders 223 million couples permanently unable to reproduce.”

    People who don’t want to reproduce should not be made to feel that they “should want to.” People who don’t want to be parents should not have children.