• bellarobinson


    Sex workers VS a violent society, but they lie and call it human trafficking.






    And yet we are going to give law enforcement more money to continue stalking, harassing and abusing adult sex workers, and help the predators, pimps and bad cops so they have easier access to threaten, exploit + abuse these women, all because of the public hysteria the justice dept helped create in the media by funding 30% of Dr Farley’s annual budget . Meanwhile our own FBI, local law enforcement are the ones that are raping, and exploiting our teens, and we also give them PERMISSION TO STALK SEX WORKERS.




    Decriminalization would mean a sex worker could dial 911 and report any crimes against herself or another victim, and expect police assistance just as any other citizen. Thousands of sex workers are raped and murdered each year.






    So while Obama wants to talk about stopping SLAVERY, then he would take a look at how our current laws are allowing these HUGE HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, How is is we are going make more funds available to stalk and harm more women, when we claim we don’t have the money to test the hundreds of thousands of rape kits held in evidence lockers.





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