• blissed

    Since business is booming due to all that encouraged hooker up “sexual expression” and “discovering boundaries” with all manner of penis experimentation.  Anything to keep that almighty precious “career” uninterrupted and cranking along…

  • liberaldem

    being sarcastic, a troll, or what?  The subject of the article is specious claims from the anti-choice community that women who are not pregnant are having abortions.  If a woman is not pregnant, she isn’t going to have a need for an abortion.

    For your information, women are capable of making their own decisions about every aspect of their lives-their education, career, and whether or when they have children.  Got a problem with that?

  • jruwaldt

    I strongly suspect Blissed is a troll. His/her comments are routinely voted down. I considered commenting but felt I should follow the maxim, “Do not feed the trolls.”

  • blissed

    are keeping the clinics flush.  If there are non pregnant women coming in, maybe its for a dry run?  Sort of like practice during a fire drill…

  • jennifer-starr

    Blissed is fixated on his fantasies of single career women and their alleged harems that they won’t let him join. Where he gets his info from I’d like to know–I suspect it’s either from porn or from the voices in his head, because it’s certainly not from reality. 

  • colleen

    away from demeaning and belittling women and then masturbating furiously when one responds to your comments and focused on convincing men to be sexually responsible you could be of some use.

  • give-em-hell-mary

    How old are you and are you a virgin?  Are your buddies virgins?  Why all the double-standard bigotry?  What if all women suddenly went Lysistrata on you misogynists and you had to rely on blow-up dolls instead?

  • jennie-kermode

    I’ve had a D&C when not pregnant. I wasn’t ripped off. I had it on the NHS and there was a sound medical reason for it. A D&C, however, is not necesarily the same thing as an abortion; when no foetus is present it’s inaccurate to describe it that way.

  • crowepps

    It’s true that dilation and curettage may also be done for other reasons, such as to remove fibroids, but it’s accurate to call D&C’s abortion when they are done to remove a dead fetus or whole or partial placenta which hasn’t been expelled during miscarriage (in order to prevent infection).

    The procedure actually is done for a lot of different reasons, and it’s accurate to use it any time the reason is to “remove the products of pregnancy”.  We need to eliminate the judgmental myth that one should only use the nasty word ‘abortion’ for occasions of ‘baby-killing’ by a patient who’s an immoral slut.  Not true at all, and the biggest problem with doctors insisting they won’t learn how to do an ‘immoral’ procedure is that in emergencies arising from pregnancy complications, their patients die as sacrifices to their self-righteousness.

  • veggietart

    He thinks abortions are done on women who are not pregnant.


    He thinks abortions are done in unsanitary conditions and are dangerous (only if they’re illegal, back-alley ones).


    He thinks women who have been raped cannot get pregnant.


    He is…the most idiotic man in the world!


    And yes, for most people, abortion is safer than childbirth.  And this convert sounds like a crackpot.

  • crowepps

    He sure is credulous — apparently anybody flogging a book can show up and tell him some kind of silliness and he swallows it hook, line and sinker.  Not exactly the kind of person anybody sensible would want in charge of making law!

  • thalwen

    Blissed is a classic MRA troll who is mad at all the wimminz for having all that naughty dirty sex not with him and so must be blamed for all of society’s ills. 

  • thalwen

    With all the contracepting we’re doing, it’s impossible to be pregnant all the time. And what’s a girl to do when she’s really in the mood for an abortion but the sperm has taken out a restraining order on the egg? Luckily doctors dressed like mad scientists at your local abortuary will be happy to give you a mockbortion. Though, much like a non-alcoholic cocktail, it doesn’t have that zing that a real abortion has but it’s nice that they have us pre-pregnant ladies in mind.

  • arachne646

    I had an IUD which implanted in the wall of my uterus (a rare complication, and otherwise, a super experience–would have kept it but DH had a vasectomy), and I needed a D+C to remove it. Quick anaesthetic and I don’t remember if I needed to use pads or how many. Years ago, but very easy and painless.

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