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    The whole situation in AZ is so messed up. It’s the quinessential example of how the slow erosion of women’s reproductive rights leaves rural women literally with no options. As for women in Phoenix, I encourage anyone who thinks that everyone has access to attempt to ride public transportation to get to a clinic. 


    The Center for Arizona Policy has successfully bullied the legislature into enacting a variety of anti-woman and anti-LGBTQ laws. They reportedly threaten to run candidates in districts where Republicans are considering voting against their bills. They frame all of this as being about the safety of women, but the core of their belief system is completely misogynistic. They’re attempting to create a theocracy, and the frightening part is that they’re succeeding.


    The really pathetic part? They claim to be an organization based on Christian values, yet they have NEVER thrown their support behind any bills which help the poor, nor did they oppose budget cuts which decimated our social service system. They’re all for forced pregnancy and childbirth, but were fine with the cuts to health care, child care, and support for kids with special needs. Cathi Herrod and her minions exemplify the hypocrisy of so many anti-choice people: Protect the fetus, but show utter indifference once it’s born.


    You can find out more about the organization and choose whether to sign onto an IRS complaint about (in my opinion) blatant lobbying violations of their 501-c(3) status here: http://www.stopcap.org

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