They Are Coming for Your Birth Control: Anti-Choicers Discuss Making Birth Control Illegal

Note: Think that anti-choice politicians and activists aren’t trying to outlaw contraception?  Think again.  Follow along in an ongoing series that proves beyond a doubt that they really are coming for your birth control.

We have seen a rise in attempts to defund Planned Parenthood, eliminate family planning funding for low income women, and cut off access to contraception. But actually throw you in jail for getting birth control?  No one really wants to go there, do they?

Oh, wait, Judie Brown and her followers do.

Via Renew America:

Pope Paul VI aptly explained in Humanae Vitae that human sexual intercourse is essentially procreative and unitive. It is focused on life and and love. Being open to the possibility of new life and being open to more intimate unity between husband and wife is what human sex is really about. When it becomes merely a recreational activity, it is selfish love, not mutual love. It is certainly not sacrificial love if the end is merely physical pleasure for pleasure’s sake. Pleasure is the happy by-product God added to the act of married conjugal love. Contraception often makes the sex partner an object rather than a person who is worthy of, and who deserves, sacrifice. The husband and wife sacrifice for one another. They offer themselves to each other. That means being open to the possible gift of new life from God and it means that the physical intimacy must be accompanied by emotional intimacy as well. The ‘two become one flesh’ is not just the act of coitus; it is the union of two human beings into one married couple.

Certainly, the government cannot outlaw every sinful or immoral act since it would be impossible to enforce, and human law is imperfect. Serious harm to the one and the many, however, warrants the inclusion of civil proscription. Just as we have a distinction between venial and mortal sins, there is a difference between a misdemeanor and a felony. We cannot compel by civil law people to act or do good, but we can and must outlaw sinful and evil acts which seriously threaten the person and/or the community. Danger to the institutions of marriage and family is no less serious than danger to one’s life, health, property or reputation. Law protects the latter and should protect the former as well.

It’s been 40 years now since contraception became legal for single people, and nearly 50 years since married couples were assured their rights to birth control, yet for some reason we are arguing about whether using the pill should be a misdemeanor or a felony? Sadly, even without laws making it illegal, some pharmacists and doctors are already making the choice for women. Due to increased “conscience clause” provisions, pharmacists in Indiana have been known to ask women if they are married before filling prescriptions, and receive no penalties if they choose to refuse to fill one for woman who is not, according to a state Planned Parenthood contact.

No wonder anti-choice advocates see making contraception illegal again as something attainable.

So, book’em, Danno. They may not be quite there yet, but they are definitely coming for your birth control.

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  • bj-survivor

    must fundie catholics and other religitards insist on trying to shove their inane superstitions down our collective throats? Why can they not grasp that not eveyone believes in their particular dogma and many of us do not believe in any sort of deity whatsoever? FFS, they can’t even get their own flock to follow the no-contraception mandate, so why on earth do they think it’s something the rest of us who have no compunction about baby-free fucking will just meekle accede to?

  • give-em-hell-mary

    Some years ago, womb-pimp/hypocrite Frau Brown admitted in a paid booklet insert (celebrating a papal visit) in The Washington Times that she herself used various means of contraception “because she was unschooled in Catholicism”.  Catholics For Choice have great opposition research on her multi-million dollar American Life League tax shelter racket, largely funded by perverted priest-led Human Life International.  Her website articles are often written by sexual predator priests like IRreverend/”exorcist” Tom Euteneuer, who ran HLI until several young women accused him of fondling them during “exorcisms”.  Another favorite writer is multiple wife-dumper/rapist of a Fordham student Deal Hudson, who was Bush 43’s Catholic enforcer until the Fordham scandal caught up with him.

    The Washington Post also outed her own “Bristol problem” in its Sunday magazine.  One of Brown’s “abstinence-only” daughters had an out-of-wedlock son while attending George Mason U.  That the absconding father wasn’t named made me suspect a priest like Euteneuer, or an adulterer like Hudson.

  • squirrely-girl

    Shared delusional disorder?

  • liberaldem

    that the anti-choice community would eventually begin working toward making access to contraception difficult;they don’t dare, as yet, want to make it completely illegal.  When these people are candid they reveal a profound discomfort with human sexuality unless it is unprotected heterosexual intercourse between a man and woman that, they hope, will result in a pregnancy.  They do not want people to have the freedom to make their own decisions about any aspect of their private lives.

  • seaj11

    “Contraception often makes the sex partner an object rather than a person who is worthy of, and who deserves, sacrifice. The husband and wife sacrifice for one another. They offer themselves to each other. That means being open to the possible gift of new life from God and it means that the physical intimacy must be accompanied by emotional intimacy as well.”

    For real? To open my body to another human being and have it be about intimacy and love, I have to be open to having a baby? I didn’t realize my BC turned me into an uncaring addict of the flesh!

  • give-em-hell-mary

    Brown and her pedophile priest bullies criminally intend to sacrifice the already born lives of parents and children by impoverishing them and by using fetuses to directly endanger mothers.  I wish Larry Flynt would offer a million dollar bounty on Brown’s own sex scandals!  I’ll bet her husband runs up hefty tabs at gentlemen clubs while she practices all that holy abstinence.

  • thalwen

    It’s crazy. Most developing countries want access to better family planning because they see that the lack of it is keeping them from developing. Most developed countries have little or no problem with abortion much less contraception because they know that people’s ability to control their fertility promotes economic growth. We are willingly voting for people who will take our development backwards and take away our basic rights to bodily autonomy. Women are the majority of registered voters. We have the power to stop these asshats and we need to if we value our own personhood.


    Regulating fertility and sexual activity is also one of the common tactics used by dictatorships. I think one of the factors why these sort of policies are favoured on the far right is because they support an authoritarian approach and the rise of teabagger/dominionists in legislatures all over the country is putting it in action. On the left and center, I think a lot can’t imagine what losing those rights would mean and if we don’t wake up, we will lose them and we will have to re-fight all those fights our ancestors fought so hard to keep us from having to fight.