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    Thanks for bringing attention to this Martha.  I was not even notified as parents are suppose to be.  Then my son came home and told me the following: that you get HIV from having your blood mix together (big cuts), from sharing drugs, that no one dies from HIV anymore.  I asked him if he knew that many people contract HIV through sexual intercourse and he said his teacher said it is in sexual fluids, but we won’t talk about that!  Really!  Don’t tell them anything if you are going to give them the wrong info! 

    Sadly, this is where we are with sexual health education, especially when we are in the first year the Dignity in the Schools Act.  DASA is protects students from bias based discrimination.  Schools and districts should be creating policies result in an environment free of harassment and discrimination.  One of the most obvious ways to encourage an inclusive school climate is to ensure the curriculum is culturally relevent.  For sex education that would might look like a curriculum that is not heterocentric or biased toward universal values except maybe respect for individuality and difference.

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