• arachne646

    “I Love This Yarn” and some other products are really good. Too bad I won’t be seeing them any time soon, if ever.

  • fbuckley

    I stopped doing business with these pos’s for incidents in freight and shipping and not addressing erroneous Orders. They did not even have a clue.  From upper Management, they have an exclusionary and dismissive hubris with customers – fascist like in every way.  It does not surprise me that they “claim” to be evangelical.  Most fascists seem to make that claim or as the original movement claimed, to have strong (Catholic) religious ties and a need for perpetual war.

    The extreme Right has taken over in many areas of Business and really need to get a clue that inserting Politics into your Business like this is an affront to customers – not all – but it it is to me.

    If there are enough customers who are disgusted with this behaviour, and imposition of religious dogma into business, as with recent actions against Planned Parenthood, take your business elsewhere and maybe these pos’s will get a clue.  Or not.

  • cactus-wren

    This is Hobby Lobby, remember.  Their in-store music is hymns.  Every Christmas and Easter, their website’s content is replaced with Christian preaching and messages of “salvation”.



  • dinkydaubilly

    Two blog posts on the HobbyLobby dustup:


    In which we examine a point that is being overlooked: The Hobby Lobby owners are devout, all-American, patriotic, flag-waving ‘Christians’.  As well they should be, because, as we all know, “… this is a Christian Nation …”. Yet Hobby Lobby is the biggest storefront for Chinese-made goods outside of the Norinco plant in downtown Beijing. How do all those right-wing Hobby Lobby supporters manage to rationalize that?

    Meanwhile …

    If the employees are contributing a sizeable chunk of change to their health care insurance, why should they not be able to obtain those meds which they and their doctors believe that they require? The Hobby Lobby position is based on religious views, not on medical reasons, not even on fiscal reasons. Why is it up to the employer to unilaterally decide, based on irrational non-medical reasoning, what the plan participants may or may not have?

    Further meanwhile … here is a much better source of yarns:


    Leece (http://www.writingplaces.com/) uses them almost exclusively as the source of yarns for her Etsy shop and her own personal projects. No … it isn’t an American source. I guess we ain’t quite as right-wing as some of our friends and neighbors.

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