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    I’m not being asked to pay for anybodies birth control, the religious fanatics are trying to force me to pay for a bunch of unwanted pregnancies. 


    No one will be forced to pay more, unless the fanatics get their way, because pregnancy and chilodbirth are one helluva lot more expensive than birth control!  And don’t forget pediatric services for the kids.  They are trying to force us all to pay more for health insurance!  If birth control isn’t allowed, insurance is more expensive.  Simple as that.


    The religious fanatics are not being forced to violate their religious beliefs, they are trying to enforce their religious beliefs on the rest of us, whether we subscribe th those beliefs or not.  Even the vast majority of Catholics practice birth control.


    The “right” to impose an unwelcome belief system on an employee is a “right” to take freedom away and impose unwelcome religious beliefs on others, to violate the rights of others; there is no proposal to force anyone to use birth control.


    No organization whose primary purpose has been the coverup of child rapists, who gave de factodiplomatic immunity to Bernard Law, the criminal who fled the country ahead of the legal consequences for his protection of child rapists has any legitimate claim to moral authority in any case.  This is an authoritarian, top-down organization that is also an ongoing criminal enterprise.  One thing cannot be separated from the other.


    Let’s see those Catholic bishops denounce the pope – or even his actions in harboring a criminal.  Until then, any claim they make to moral authority is disgusting and laughable.


    Of course, that would still give them no right to impose their beliefs upon their employees.

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