South Carolina Conservative Asserts “Non-Believers” Trying to Undermine Country’s Christian Heritage

When we think of rites of passage for teens, we often conjure images of walking across the stage with a diploma in hand, the college tour, a first kiss.

South Carolina Republican Party Chair Chad Connelly charges that liberals consider teen pregnancy and abortion as rites of passage as well.

Via Charleston City Paper:

Connelly’s spinning another like yarn, one that’s sure to be slurped up by his fellow GOPers.

In a recently released email blast, Connelly makes the bizarre claim that thanks to Sandra Fluke, the Democratic Party now believes that “abortions and taxpayer-funded birth control are rites of passage for every teenage girl – sort of like the prom or a first car.”

Connelly isn’t shy about his belief that non-conservative are trying to undermine the country’s Christian heritage. On his site, Connelly declares:

When I see the left attempt to re-write or cover up true American Christian history, I realize that they believe it too. If they didn’t believe it and didn’t know it to be true, they wouldn’t have worked so hard for so long to make sure our schoolchildren couldn’t read or study the truth or to remove symbols of our history from our monuments and historical documents.

No, they believe it to be true too, but in their zeal to avoid any acknowledgement of God, they’d rather launch lawsuits for being offended, and keep prayer out of schools, and work to keep any display of the Christian faith out of the public arena. If the left wasn’t threatened, they wouldn’t care. In my speeches, I work to tell true and largely obscure stories of Christian faith in our history so that folks say, “Wow, I didn’t know that!”

His remarks should surprise few who know Connelly. He is a proud member of South Carolina Citizens for Life and the Palmetto Family Council and believes that “Protecting Life Life begins at conception. As a board member for Palmetto Family Council and South Carolina Citizens for Life, I support ending abortion and encouraging more efforts to promote adoption.” Adoption, of course, not preventing pregnancy in the first place.

Connelly tweeted that women’s health advocate Sandra Fluke “whined” about her belief that insurance companies should offer no co-pay birth control coverage as part of their policies.

Fluke adds to list of dem speakers whining & reminding me of Charlie Brown’s teacher “wha wha wha wha wha”

Of course, if there was more access to birth control, especially for teen girls, as well as comprehensive age-appropriate sex education, perhaps such a large number wouldn’t need an abortion in the first place.

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  • veggietart

    I guess he slept through much of his history class where he would have learned that this country was founded on the principles of freedom of religion.  And I guess nobody told him about the First Amendment, which Thomas Jefferson later asserted was intended to put a wall between church and state.  And I guess nobody told him that contraception prevents (most) pregnancies and that liberals want to ensure that every child is a wanted child and every pregnancy a wanted one.  And I guess he would be okay if his kids (or grandkids) were forced to pray to Mecca one day a week since he objects to prayer being removed from schools.   


    Oh, he means Christian prayer?  I guess he doesn’t realize that there are people of many different religions in this country, and they have rights as well.  And life begins at conception for him, huh?  Does he care about what happens after that baby is born?  I’m guessing not.