• leftcoaster

    Before you indict “the media,” Jodi, please understand and acknowledge that the Sun-Times is a singular publication and a right-leaning one at that. I’m sick of broad-brushing media outlets as if they were monolithic.

  • jodi-jacobson

    To be honest, other than progressive media outlets, these kinds of questions, the false equivalencies and all the rest are, in my opinion, epidemic in corporate media, and even now in what I used to consider progressive media, such as NPR. We may have to agree to disagree there.

  • caebell

    Actually, the Sun-Times’ editorial agenda tends to be left-leaning. The Chicago Tribune’s editorial agenda tends to be right-leaning.  I think both would argue that their editorial positions don’t impact their reporting, and when it comes to state political reporting, I mostly think that is true, with exceptions. In any case, I tend to believe incidents like this are more representative of simple, ingrained sexism on the part of reporters than indicative of a newspaper’s ideological bent. Regardless it needs to be called out as it is here, because its incredibly disturbing and impacts the public’s view of female candidates. 

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