Senate Candidate Proud to Say He Co-Sponsored Every Bill Proposed By Minnesota Citizens Concerned For Life

Minnesota Republican Kurt Bills will admit that he’s a longshot when it comes to unseating Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar, a popular politician who, in her first reelection campaign, beat her last opponent, Rep. Mark Kennedy by a significant margin. Her chances this year, a pesidential election year in a normally progressive state, are even better.

Still, that’s not stopping Bills from noting the very clear contrasts in their stances, especially on social issues.  It’s a difference that Bills takes a great deal of pride in, especially at their recent State Fair debate.


Divisions over fiscal issues aren’t all that separated Klobuchar and Bills. They varied over social issues, too, after an audience question about abortion and the constitutional gay marriage ban on November’s ballot.

Bills responded that he was a legislative co-sponsor of every bill sought by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, which opposes legal abortion.

“I’m pro-life, and I also voted to put the marriage amendment on the ballot so people could make their own choice instead of the Legislature and the courts,” Bills said.

Klobuchar said she believed decisions about abortion “are between a woman and her doctor.”

Bills is currently trailing Klobuchar by 25 points.

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