Akin’s Fake Biology Lesson Just Latest In Anti-Choice Junk Science

Crisis pregnancy centers are purposefully lying to women under the guise of free speech, and doctors are being forced to tell lies as a means of “informed consent.” Have we truly entered a realm where we have gone beyond fact and fiction being bizarrely presented as equal and instead to one where fiction is being elevated as preferred to fact?

Yes, according to Meghan Rhoad of Human Rights Watch. At least when it comes to women’s health.

Via Politico:

Many of those now calling for Akin to abandon his Senate bid have promoted outright lies in the service of an anti-abortion agenda. These falsehoods have permeated policies at the state and federal levels, to the detriment of women’s health across the U.S.

What is at stake in each of these situations is a basic question: do women deserve accurate medical information?

If the question were posed in relation to heart disease, there would be no question. It should be the same with abortion. There is no place for propagating falsehoods when the facts are plain. The outrage over Akin’s comments is warranted — all the more so when views like his become public policy.

The war on women is more than just a war on reproductive health, but a war on critical thinking and science, too.

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  • euphony618

    Scientific literacy and understanding are very important issues to me, and I’m constantly disgusted by the lack of science in legislation about women’s health. A basic understanding of biology should be necessary for anyone who wants to become a politician. America continually devalues science and then wonders why our students perform poorly in math and science.