Missouri Republican Says God Blesses Raped Women With Pregnancy

A Missouri Republican who came to the defense of Representative Todd Akin told the The New York Times last week that, while “abortion is never an option…. If God has chosen to bless this person [the rape victim] with a life, you don’t kill it.”

Sharon Barnes, who according to the Missouri Examiner is a “high ranking state Republican [who] came to the defense of her conservative colleague [Akin], who she believes only “phrased it (his statement) badly.”

Apparently, very badly, since Todd Akin claimed that women who were “legitimately raped” don’t get pregnant, because their bodies “shut that thing down,” and Barnes believes God is delivering a blessing to women who have been violated by rape.

According to the Examiner, Barnes did not elaborate on her views for post-pregnancy care, or costs.

Barnes is no stranger to politics, and has been active for years. The Examiner lists the following titles according to her Linkedin profile:

  1. President of The 2nd Congressional District Republican Women
  2. President of The Republican Women’s Club of St. Louis
  3. Vice President, Membership Committee at National Federation Of Republican Women
  4. Vice President of The Missouri Federation of Republican Women
  5. Chairman of The St. Louis City Republican Central Committee
  6. State Committeewoman, 4th Senate District at Missouri Republican Party
  7. Committeewoman, 24th Ward at Missouri Republican Party
  8. Volunteer at GOP Missouri Republican Party

Of course, once again, a politician associated with the fanatical anti-choice, anti-woman movement has no qualms about re-victimizing a woman violated by rape that she has no choices, rights, or agency.

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  • jennifer-starr

    Wow. Just when you think these people can’t get any more disgusting, they go and suprise you.  And Sharon Barnes takes disgusting to an entirely new level. I’d say more, but I’m too mad to think clearly right more. 

  • mai-kellogg

    Sharon Barnes, you need to wake up and look at your neighbors!  You are surrounded by states that allow the same rights for a rapist to share parenting with the woman he’s Already Victimized!  There are stories upon stories of these horrible people continuing to Victimize the very women who bore their offspring. http://media-cache-ec4.pinterest.com/upload/71776187782203968_3Y72G4jh.jpg 

    This is a gross miscarriage of justice and You are part of the problem excusing Todd Akin for his inside out belief system!  There is No science to back up Akin statements that a woman’s body knows the difference between welcome and unwelcome sperm you twits!  Both of you!


  • mai-kellogg

    Duplicate post

  • coralsea

    Okay — I don’t get it.  If these women have been “blessed,” does this mean that God approves of rape?  If so, then I guess we shouldn’t prosecute rapists, since they are simply actors in God’s plan to “bless” women.


    These people are so utterly loathsome.  Although I would not wish physical violence on anyone, would THEY feel blessed if they are assaulted?   Would they tell their daughters to feel blessed.  Talk about sick. 


    Also, why don’t we extend this whole “blessed and go with it” thing to other crimes.  If someone mugs you, violently, even, to buy food for his or her family, are you blessed?  Because it seems that maybe you should be, since Jesus taught the importance of giving aid to the poor (not that these particular folks think much about THOSE kinds of teachings). 


    Why are the “blessings” only supposed to be forced upon women?  And as Jodi mentions, if it’s such a blessing, then are these jerks going to step up and provide financial support so the “blessed one” won’t have to shoulder the cost of prenatal treatment or any of the other costs associated with pregnancy?

  • thalwen

    So rapists are going around blessing women? Here I thought they were perpetrating violent crimes but that’s what I get for thinking with my little lady brain. Now that I’ve seen the light, I hope that these angels are similarly blessed.


    I have to say though, Todd Akin has been a “blessing.” The women’s rights movement has been pointing out the extremism in the Republican party. Having him come out and bluntly say what they’ve all been thinking and doing, and having other asshats come to his defence finally has people paying attention. 

  • arachne646

    Todd Akin has been a “blessing” despite himself, hasn’t he? Now if he only shines light on Romney’s policy on abortion, identical to his, he’ll be on his way to sainthood.

  • veggietart

    Well, ma’am, if you are ever raped–and I sincerely hope you aren’t–and you get pregnant as a result of that rape, then YOU can choose to carry that “blessing” to term.  And if you’re really blessed, the perpetrator will demand visitation rights so you can be “blessed” with the presence of your attacker for 18+ years.  You can also have the “blessing” of not having any support in caring for your child since folks like you oppose programs that help poor families, right?  But I’m sure that the rapist will be able to provide child support–oh, no, he won’t, not if he’s one of the few who actually serves time for his crime.  Isn’t that nice?


    You know, it’s bad enough when a man says it–someone who is far less likely to be sexually assaulted than a woman and who will never become pregnant if he is–but when a woman suggests that anything related to a rape is a “blessing”, that’s simply beyond comprehension.  The fact that women are raped, become pregnant from that rape, and in some cases are forced to carry that pregnancy to term is indicative that if there is a god, he’s not the benevolent being you would like us to think he is.  Only a sadist would enjoy these scenarios.

  • give-em-hell-mary

    This selfish GOP hypocrite should be hounded by the media over her own refusal to have children so she and her wealthy husband could globe trot.  Barnes owes us her reproductive medical records.  If a bankrupting and disfiguring rape pregnancy ruined her before her husband hired and married her, well he never would have hired and married her!  Why is she exempt from the deadly rules she’s forcing on the rest of us?