Dueling Priorities Force God to Move Hurricane Away from Tampa

Usually when big storms wreck havoc, the Christian rights likes to blame the assault on gays, feminists, atheists or another “evil” force, alleging that they have brought God’s wrath upon everyone for their sins.

This time, God appears to be more benevolent. He made it storm to give presidential nominee Mitt Romney time to change his heart. Oh, and share his campaign haul.  At least, that’s what the anti-choice zealots at Operation Rescue are saying.

Via Roll Call:

“Heaven sent a hurricane to hold off Gov. Romney’s coronation, so today we’re urging pro-life GOP delegates to abstain from any voting on Romney’s nomination until all GOP financial support for Todd Akin is reinstated and details of Romney’s income tax returns in connection with Bain’s Stericycle investment have been made public,” Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said.

Hopefully that blessing had enough time to have its intended effect. According to Pat Robertson, God has now moved the storm away from the RNC thanks to the faithful prayers of those who are at the convention.

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  • thalwen

    Ah there’s that good Christian compassion. Praying that people they like won’t have their lives ruined by a hurricane and that people they don’t care about will have their lives ruined instead.