• crowepps

    As for the president’s claim that Romney-Ryan will restrict birth control, Ryan calls that ridiculous.

    “Nobody is proposing to deny birth control to anybody,” says Ryan.

    Right, they’re only going to deny hormonal birth control and IUD’s — women will still be able to use the rhythm method or condoms.



  • veggietart

    Or whatever it is we can use to shut down our bodies to prevent pregnancy.  Wonder if it works for consensual sex.

  • ajbarnes

    If you listened to what’s going on, you’d KNOW that nobody’s wanting to ban or prohibit birth control. The discussion is how its going to be paid for. What they’re against is having the government pay for it. So, quit distorting the issue. Quit pretending there is this big war on women. Quit the dishonesty and rabid hyperbole. Let’s talk about the REAL issue. Is this country going to continue down the path to more socialism or not? We’re very close to being another Europe where they’ve run out of other people’s money to give to those with their hands out. So quit your race bating, quit your women hating taunts and figure out what this election is really about.

  • jennifer-starr

    No war on women, huh?  Silly me–I must have imagined all those anti-choice bills you guys keep trying to pass while you’re pretending to be focused on jobs. 

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