More Randall Terry Acolytes File To Run For Congress

Yesterday, Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison won his primary with 90 percent of the vote. Coming in with four percent was Gary Boisclair, an anti-choice activist and member of the Randall Terry mission to get graphic anti-abortion ads on television screens.

Boisclair is actually a Virginia resident, but at least he used to live in Minnesota and has some family ties. The newest batch are just running wherever they can get in.

Via the Sacramento Bee:

Two out-of-state anti-abortion activists have filed as independents to run for Congress in Kentuckyso they will have a platform to promote their cause.

David Lewis of Batavia, Ohio, filed Tuesday to run in Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District. And Andrew Beacham of Elkhart, Ind., filed to run in Kentucky’s 2nd Congressional District.

Lewis has already ran a few times, including “challenging” Speaker John Boehner.

Beacham, a “pro-life warrior,” is so extreme that the Tea Party is going to great lengths to deny any link to him.

Remember when candidates used to run for office because they wanted to win?

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  • jruwaldt

    Robin, it’s “acolytes.” I think you’re confusing the word with “accolades,” which means praise.