Graphic Anti-Choice Poster Causing Anger At Iowa Intersection

Iowa City residents are angry about a graphic anti-choice image displayed at a local intersection, and one man’s rage could cost him some serious cash.

According to the Iowa Press Citizen, a 26-year-old male has been accused of “smashing” an anti-choice, graphic poster held by a woman on a street corner, saying he was “‘overwhelmingly offended’ that children would see the image.”

But he is not alone. Iowa City Patch readers regularly complain about the sign, which is a regular at that particular intersection, much to the dismay of drivers.

Lydia Martens, an Iowa City parent, had this to say on the Iowa City Patch Facebook page:

“I can completely understand his reaction. I have to avoid that whole intersection EVERY Wednesday, because I don’t want my living son to be traumatized by pictures of dead unborn babies. These people aren’t even willing to turn the signs around when parents politely ask when they have the misfortune of getting stuck at the red light. It’s been an unfortunate situation in the making for a long time.”

The sign’s owner claims he caused $200 in damage.

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  • crowepps

    In my opinion, pictures of naked,dead babies are obscene and a form of kiddie torture porn.  People who display them where children can see them should be imprisoned or sent for mental health evaluation.