Conservatives Freak Out After Democratic Senator Mentions “Menstruation” During Birth Control Debate

The Republican war on women an interesting turn earlier today when a male Democratic Senator had the unmitigated gall to use a scientific term with respects to the birth control debate. During a lively discussion of the Affordable Care Act’s Women’s Health package, Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), echoed a fairly well-known and obvious fact that birth control can aid some women suffering from difficulties with menstruation.

In his defense of the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that insurance plans cover preventative care, including birth control pills, Harkin said the following:

“There are many women who take birth control pills, for example, because they have terrible menstrual cramps once a month, some of them almost incapacitated, can’t work. I know of young women myself who, because of this, aren’t able to work and be productive, and it’s prescribed by their doctor, said the longtime Democratic Senator (Jezebel)

Ew, menstration! Not to be gauche, but perhaps Harkin should’ve said freedom female gravy? As if uttering the scientific phrase in the presence of other men will cause the male penis to come off.

Pretend human being and Anne-Coulter-in-training, Dana Loesch, whose only credentials appear to be an active Twitter account and the ability to say things equally as fallacious as they are horrific on cue, was apparently horrified at Harkin’s suggestion. In her routine temper tantrum, Loesch failed to acknowledge the fact that Harkin never stated all women could benefit from birth control during menstration.

“It’s asinine to suggest that birth control is the only way women can control menstrual cramps. Speaking from experience with endometriosis, there are a number of other remedies available to women that assist with this issue, not just birth control pills. If it was about women’s health, the “birth control” aspect wouldn’t be at the spear of the left’s push,” said Loesch (Jezebel)

It’s safe to say that she’s a better pretend journalist than she is a pretend doctor.

In her “what crap can I say to get more ignorant Twitter followers” statement, Loesch also blatantly overlooked the fact that the Affordable Healthcare Act also covers other preventive health coverage unrelated to birth control. But once again, Dana: kudos on being a female and denouncing  a dude who’s more concerned with women’s health than Twitter followers. If anything, this should prompt a debate on insurers covering pills that help people suffering from nausea related to things Dana Loesch says.

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  • veggietart

    Does it bother anyone that a man shows more empathy towards women who deal with menstrual issues than another woman does?  I’m grateful Harkin realizes that many women are helped by using birth control pills, but the lack of empathy Loesch shows–considering she bleeds once a month and presumably gets cramps–is startling.

    I’d also like to know what Loesch thinks are suitable treatments for dysmenorrhea besides birth control pills.  Maybe she knows more than the doctors who prescribe them.