• amy-phillips-bursch

    This was a great piece on a real victory for women and their health. It’s inspirational to read what grassroots organizing can accomplish. Thank you for writing this!

  • annamarya-scaccia

    Thank you for your kind words! It was fascinating to not only write the story but to watch it unfold.

  • claire-keyes

    How refreshing to read that the efforts of Rita Poley were so successful.  Women in the community will continue to be served. The physicians on staff, fearing  interference with their own practices, wisely joined the cause.  

    The model outlined in Scaccia’s fine entry can be used for other attempted mergers.  Though one wonders why Abington Hospital, with its very fine rating and financial health would even consider joining up with a Catholic hospital in financial difficulties, much less why the big rush to push it through in secrecy.  Maybe there’s another story here?

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