Another Anti-Choice Terrorist Says “Don’t Blame Me, Blame God”

First Angel Dillard said it wasn’t her fault that she may have threatened the life of Dr. Mila Means, because God told her to write the letter. Now anti-choice clinic harasser Joseph Martone is going to try out the God defense, too.

Via The Colorado Springs Gazette:

Martone, who is disabled, carries a “Stop Abortion Now” placard on his walker and is a fixture at protests at Centennial Boulevard and Fillmore Street, near the Planned Parenthood Westside Health Center, 3840 Centennial Blvd. He said he was ticketed April 10 and April 19 after intentionally venturing onto the private property housing the clinic to get closer to patients approaching its doors.

Martone said he felt “called by God” to flout as many as 30 prior warnings by the clinic’s security staff.

“If something comes over me and the spirit comes, I go walking on the access road,” he said, referring to an area from which protesters are banned.

Martone is being supported by a local clergyman who says it’s fine to break the law if it’s on the behalf of doing God’s work.

“If someone feels called by God to trespass to save a life, I will support them,” said Father Bill Carmody.

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  • bj-survivor

    You know, this could actually be used to society’s advantage. If you hear voices in your head telling you to do things and you do them, you are clearly a danger to others and should be locked away in a mental facility for the rest of your life. Why these loons think that their delusions, because they call them “God,” should give them a free pass to commit crimes is just beyond ludicrous. Didn’t Jesus tell his followers to obey the laws of their country? In fact, he did, according to the mythology.

  • princess-jourdan

    Why do anti-choicers have such an obsession with “imaginary” people, whether it be God or someone/something else? My worst anti-choice attacker was constantly babbling on about how the embryo I aborted was “imaginary” and that I was “never really pregnant”. Yet she still called me a baby-killing whore all the time and told me my baby was burning in Hell. How can someone who never existed “go to Hell” and how can I be a baby-killer if the pregnancy I had was supposedly imaginary?? She also insisted that my family and friends were imaginary as well. When a cousin of mine contacted her to demand that she stop harassing me, she just kept insisting that my cousin “wasn’t real” and “didn’t exist”…even when my cousin kept replying to her and telling her “Uhh, yeah I DO exist, because I’m talking to you right now!” Eventually, my cousin’s attorney had to send this head-case a Cease and Desist letter informing her that yes my family DOES exist because my cousin is his client. Gawd….you just can’t make up this kind of stuff.

  • wildthing

    I really think god can take care of itself and needs no help at all… if it does then I have a question as to who thinks they are god… to make this defense you have to first prove god exists… then you have to prove god can call you…and exactly what they said…

  • crowepps

    Extreme political and/or moral positions that insist the problem is black/white, good/evil and that they have the one and only solution attract people whose mental health is shaky and who believe absolute solutions are possible.  The definition of an ‘extremely religious person’ is often indistinguishable from that of someone who is mentally ill.