LPAC Launch – Women are Ready for Change!

Yesterday we launched LPAC, the lesbian political action committee dedicated to giving lesbians a meaningful voice in politics.

The response we’ve seen has been amazing: Terrific coverage in the AP, PoliticoHuffington Post, The Advocate, and more… emails from lesbians in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a string of donations from a group of grassroots women activists in Texas, website sign-ups from women and men from everywhere from Alabama to West Hollywood… support from icon Billie Jean King and actress Jane Lynch… and more supportive Facebook posts and tweets than we can count!

We’re dedicated to LGBT rights, reproductive freedom and access to women’s healthcare, and social, racial, and economic justice. We hope you’ll join women across the country in joining the LPAC movement!We knew that we would be tapping into an audience that felt underrepresented in politics, and the response we’ve gotten in the past day has proven our point. After decades of being a small subset of players in both women’s rights and LGBT rights political efforts, with LPAC lesbians now have an organized way to engage in a significant way. With the attacks on women’s rights we’ve seen in just the past year alone, the American political landscape needs efforts like LPAC more than ever. We couldn’t be more excited for next steps: continuing to engage with supporters, growing our grassroots base, raising funds to be impactful in elections, and making smart, strategic decisions about our resources in the 2012 cycle.

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