In Bizarre New Ad, Missouri Senate Candidate Leaps From Bovine Rights To Abortion Bans

Missouri senate candidate Sarah Steelman is still working hard to ensure she wins the Republican primary. Now she is hitting her rival, John Brunner, with a new ad that is bizarre to say the least. Most intriguing? Her segue from discussing Brunner’s alleged desire to “give farm animals rights” straight into a discussion about her “pro-life” record.

“[Male voice over]: Brunner gave $10,000 to an extreme animal rights group, that was founded to give farm animals rights. [Shows cow] They worry about her ‘feelings.’ What’s next, therapy? [Steelman voice over]: I’m Sarah Steelman. In Missouri I lead the fight to ban partial birth abortion. I’ll be a pro-life senator.”

Is this a new twist on the women as livestock talking point? And how does one go straight from mocking cows to discussing the anti-choice agenda?

it’s a commercial so bad, you have to click here to see it, since her campaign won’t allow anyone to embed it.

The winner of the GOP primary will run against Senator Claire McCaskill (D) in November.

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  • coralsea

    What a “loose” advertisement in terms of logical connection!   Treating farm animals well = ah, well, something bad + I’m a Maverick (shades of Sarah Palin), + I’m pro-life (and backed the ban on partial-birth abortion, which is somehow equivalent to offering treatment of some kind to cows) + I’m pro-traditional marriage (although I am standing there with another woman, but I guess she isn’t my partner?) + I’m pro-guns and like to hunt — because killing things is totally pro-life.


    In other words, an advertisement that tosses out random dog whistles to people who like to dominate women and abuse cows (or perhaps it’s the other way around???)


    Final comment — why do ads like this always have that sprightly, light-hearted music playing?  There’s something really weird about that.