• tonikt

    I feel heartened that there are enough abortion stories out there that they can be perceived as a trend and offer up enough material for this kind of analysis! Dare i hope this is the beginning of a cultureal shift?


    Identifying what stories are not being told will help us to identify where stigma or other barriers are strongest. In turn, that can help those of us working to de-stigmatize and normalize the abortion experience thing more clearly and strategically.


    Interesting and important stuff. Thanks, Steph!

  • kate2

    This is an important and timely piece. Thanks for taking the time to explore all of the stories that are appearing on-line and developing the Tumblr as a way to look at them together.  I hope that the site can, as you suggest, participate in “creating a culture that supports people who’ve have abortions and allows for sharing diverse, multidimensional abortion stories.”


  • cmaciel

    Yes, it’s good to be gathering information on who has had an abortion and what it might mean in the context of the discussion we continue to have.

    I have spoken out because I think it’s important to show that the reasons for having an abortion are personal, and therefore vary from person to person.

    The most I can say is that I was young, unmarried, and in no way prepared to carry the burden of having a child. For me an unwanted pregnancy was just an Unwanted and unplanned pregnancy and I would not stop my life as I was living it for that.

    I have had several abortions and have never felt any emotion other than relief. 

    I’ve also had a healthy, happy relationship with my partner of 40 years with nary a regret.

    Thanks for speaking out, all of you have done so!


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