• princess-jourdan

    I am very proud of what this man is doing to turn the tables on these psychotic bullies. As a woman who has had an abortion and has publicly spoken about my abortion experience in the media as a former state pageant titleholder, I am all too familiar with just how far over the boundaries of common decency and humanity these bullies will cross in their efforts to shame and intimidate their victims.

    One such anti- choice bully I dealt with–a mother, in fact–stole photos of my family’s young children and my dead grandfather and used them to create a webpage detailing how my family enjoyed having sex with our children and that our deceased relatives were burning in Hell where they are “playing with” my dead aborted fetus. She then began contacting various members of my family to make sure they saw this webpage and made threats against them. The FBI had to get involved in this case. I would be honored to become one of Todd’s volunteers to help stop his psychotic nonsense.

    You can read more about my anti-choice bullying experiences at http://www.princessjordan.org/bullying/princess-jordan-speaks-out-about-bullying.html  And please feel free to share my story with anyone whom you think it might help or benefit in some way. Thank you.
  • h2ogirl

    Bravo to this man!  What a great idea and it’s so refreshing to read how much support he is getting.  So nice for some positive news on the reproductive front for a change.  

  • rebellious-grrl

    I’m sorry that you were bullied. I was bullied as a kid and as a teenager because I was tomboyish. I challenged gender norms and got bullied and beat up. I still carry the emotional and physical scars. Every time I see these anti-choice bullies (or any bullying) I recall the pain. It’s inspirational to see what Tony’s organization is doing.


    It’s time to say enough to anti-choice bullying and all bullying!!! No more!

  • jimthompsonmensrightsvideos

    We won’t stop until Roe v Wade is overturned or nullified on a state-by-state basis.


  • prochoiceferret

    We won’t stop until Roe v Wade is overturned or nullified on a state-by-state basis.


    Racist bigots used to say the same thing about Loving v. Virginia.

  • jennifer-starr

    ‘Bring it on’–very George W. Bush and so typical  of the conservative male–makes you sound tough without actually having to be tough…

  • colleen

    You guys won’t stop untill rape is legal, guys like you can ‘marry’ 4 year olds and human females have the legal rights of barnyard animals

  • crowepps

    Racist bigots STILL say the same thing about the Loving decision —

  • ljean8080

    would have been like?What would you do if you had a child that was disabled?

  • jennifer-starr

    ljean, who is this addressed to and what does it have to do with anything? 

  • crowepps

    I’d suggest you stop trying to score emotional points on people with this question, because unless you are disabled yourself or are parenting a disabled child, you haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about.

  • therealistmom

    But ffs what does this have to do with anything? Are you asking what someone would do if they had a disabled child who was bullied? Or are you trying to drag some stupid emotional appeal about abortions and fetuses with severe disability into this? This is about allegedly grown adults who bully people, including innocent middle school aged children.

    Since I do have a disabled child I feel qualified in telling you bugger off until you have a point.

  • therealistmom

    Women would have fewer rights than barnyard animals- at least there’s laws against bestiality on the books, so they won’t get raped (often).

  • muddy

    are there sites, facebook included, that maintain a list of the baggers that haunt clinics, stalk doctors, & generally harass women choosing to exercise their constitutional, god-given (whomever that is for the spititually inclined) rights to control their reproductive futures? i’m talkin’ addresses, phone numbers, where they shop, where their children go to school, the lot, leaving no stone unturned. with reproductive rights being drastically eroded by the gop-run states, these facists really need to have their tactics returned in kind, because they’re STILL basically getting away with it, be it legal or illegal…

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