GOP Senate Candidate Wendy Long Says Soldiers Don’t Fight for Women to Make Reproductive Choices

Anyone who has read a Wendy Long profile knows that one of her favorite activities is pitting her belief in religious freedom against most of the rest of the country’s belief that if a woman wants to use birth control, that’s just fine.

Now, she’s taking it a step further. She’s decided that not only is the religious right to deny people contraception one of the basic tenets of the country, but that soldiers sure didn’t fight wars so that women can have the pill.

Via Huffington Post:

Praising America’s warriors as defenders of the Constitution in one speech, Long goes on to say, “They didn’t die for what Kirsten Gillibrand is saying — for the right to force religious employers to pay for their employees’ contraception.”

“It wasn’t so that Kirsten Gillibrand and Barack Obama could regulate us with Health and Human Services regulations mandating that religious employers pay for their employees’ contraception,” she says in another address. “That isn’t why these guys died.”

Then again, since Long’s not a big fan of women serving (at least not in an active role) it’s unclear how in tune she is about what our military thinks in the first place, especially when it comes to reproductive rights. She’s mentioned nothing about the Shaheen Amendment, which would allow women in the military who have been raped to obtain abortions, but, as she has said she is “Pro-life from conception to natural death” so it seems safe to assume that she would force a raped female soldier to carry the pregnancy to term.

Soldiers have many reasons for fighting for our country, including the freedom of women to choose their own destinies, so for Long to suggest otherwise is ridiculous at best.

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  • marlowe28

    Bless her heart, Wendy Long just isn’t very bright.