California Parental Notification Ballot Amendment Dies

A long shot becomes an impossibility, as one man’s quest to add a parental notification amendment to California’s state constitution fails due to lack of support.

Via San Diego City Beat:

In documents filed last November with the California Secretary of State’s office, [San Diego Reader editor Jim] Holman’s listed as a “V.P. for Development” and the Reader’s Little Italy offices as the mailing address for the fundraising committee “Californians for Parental Rights.”That month, the committee started circulating two similar petitions (one version required a 48-hour waiting period between notification and when the abortion can be performed; the other version didn’t) and had until April 30 to gather 807,615 signatures. Both of those petitions failed to qualify. On June 22, the Secretary of State’s office announced that two more petitions that entered circulation in January also failed to qualify. 

Holman has been triying unsuccessfully to put an amendment on the ballot since 2005.

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  • j-rae

    Every few years some group manages to get a parental notification bill on the ballot.

    There is excitement on the news for the first 2 or 3 hours as the votes are tallied and it looks like it will pass.

    Then the Coastal regions start reporting.

    And L.A. County.

    Another bill goes down the toilet.

    Personally I vote no on 90% of the initiatives. The only one that would be worth voting for is to change the passing percent to 55% yes votes. Too bad that will never happen.