“Women’s Care Center” Crisis Pregnancy Center Building Clinic Across From “Women’s Health Center.” But You Shouldn’t Be Confused

Women’s Health Center, the only abortion provider in northern Minnesota, is about to get a new neighbor: The Women’s Care Center will be building a new crisis pregnancy center across the street from the clinic, but not because they are trying to cause any confusion, claims the group’s executive director, Angela Wambach.

Via the Duluth Tribune:

“We chose our locations based on the need of the community and where most under-served women and families are,” she said. “Central Hillside is where the greatest need is, the greatest poverty. The women and families in the community don’t have the support systems to promote healthy parents. Perhaps abortion clinics are located there as well.”

However, another crisis emergency center, offering similar counseling and help, is nearby.

Lake Superior Life Care Center is just three blocks away at 109 W. Second St. Calling itself a pregnancy resource center, it offers urine-based pregnancy tests, counseling and parenting education. With a “life-affirming stance,” it does not refer women for abortions or dispense birth control or morning-after pills, according to its website.

Wambach is familiar with the center, having protested it during last year’s “40 Day’s” event. 

This is Angie Wambach’s first year active in 40 Days for Life. The mother of three believes that life begins at conception.

“I also believe abortion is harmful to women emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically,” she said.

Wambach is going to direct a women’s care center being established in Duluth to offer support for women facing unplanned pregnancies.

“I feel abortion is a reflection that we haven’t met the needs of women,” she said.

Now it looks like she can prep next year’s action from across the street.

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  • rachael-vinyard

    “12th and Delaware” is a wonderfully infuriating documentary about the misleading tactics CPCs use. I definitely recommend it if you haven’t watched it yet.