• coralsea

    These people are so hideous I don’t even know what to say about them.  They are religious bullies and they are very definitely frightening.  I do understand why a lot of people are afraid to stand up to them — but that is going to be what is needed.   This shouldn’t involve stooping to their level of harassment and intimidation — I wouldn’t want to do that to their families or their neighbors.


    I am, however, personally vowing to call my local Planned Parenthood clinic and offer my assistance and my physical presence on a regular basis to assist the clinic and to show the demonstrators who are pretty much ever-present, that fat, middle-aged red-haired broads who look very middle-class support the clients and staff of the clinic.  I have the option of doing this at least a few times a month because I am self-employed, and I know that many others simply don’t have the time.  But I believe we do have to do something to stand up to bullies.  Perhaps if we are fortunate, at least some of them will do what bullies do when confronted and dial it back.  In regard to the “hard cases,” I guess all we can do is make sure that we are watching them and call law enforcement if we see them engaging in intimidating or potentially criminal behavior.

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