• oak-cliff-townie

    It is embarrassing that you are speaking about Collage educated grown ups who treat mentioning “Vagina” as if they were speaking of the fictional He who must not be named  Lord Voldemort character from the Harry Potter books.




  • ttocco

    It’s funny, isn’t it that so many people are so ashamed of their bodies and of the sexual act?  Most of these people seem to be the religous conservatives of the world.  Why are we letting these people run the world right now?  Belief in God should be about the praise for and care of this fantastic world we are privileged to live in, and the bodies given us for this purpose.  Instead we let them talk us into shame and distrust of our genders, hatred of our bodies, and limiting our love for each other by their rules.

  • fivehole

    If a man talked about his penis on the floor and claimed he knew all the women there wanted it, you would be the first to throw a hissy fit.


    It’s not about using the term vagina or penis.  It’s about respecting each other which she did not do.  She was especially disrespectful to both genders when she added the well-known rape analogy “no means no.”  How degrading to survivors of rape.

  • jennifer-starr

    Well gee, if hearing anatomically correct words like vagina and uterus seems disrespectful and offends your delicate sensibilities, perhaps it’s time to stop trying to legislate them–you think?  And actually, I do find a lot of these so-called ‘pro-life’ bills to be invasive and intrusive, which is very much akin to rape and much more disrespectful and vulgar than anything this woman said. 

  • veggietart

    Yes, I am certain that it was the sentiment of what Lisa Brown said and not that she used the word “vagina” that had the men all atwitter.


    But when someone suggests that the word vagina ought not be used in “mixed company” (how Victorian!) and that he wouldn’t want to use the word vagina in front of those who actually own them, that’s a problem.  And if the word is so offensive–about as offensive as “uterus” was in the Florida legislature where Scott Randolph got grief for relaying a joke about his wife suggesting she incorporate her uterus so Republicans would not want to regulate it–then maybe these boys should stop making legislation affecting it.

  • colleen

    You fail to acknowledge how deeply offensive and  the legislation is and was.  But, then, you ally yourself with a movement that refuses to hold men responsible for ANYTHING while constantly demeaning women. The entire ‘pro-life’ movement is nothing but masturbatory entertainment for sick men.


  • seventy-five-year-old-grandmother

    THE VAGINA is the literal road to life. THE BREASTS are the vessels holding the sustenance of life.


    We need to pay attention to where these men, and also the women who believe as they do on these matters of women’s bodies needing to be controlled and regulated, are being programmed to believe this way.


    I once had a book written by a doctor for women in the 1800s. Reading it made me realize why so many women died of “female-related” problems. The terminology was tip-toed around with flowery nonsensical wording, I wondered what part of the garden this doctor was referring to.

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