• erin-wilkins

    This is such a good reminder for preconception, pregnancy, and birth health care providers that we have a lot of work to do in becoming trans affirming! Prenatal care is SO centered around “womanness” and it’s important to be conscious of this in the way we frame our care and our clients. Keep up the awesome work Miriam!




  • anna-c

    So are they wanting Wallmart to design pregnancy clothes for men?  Many pregnant women just wear their husbands t-shirts.  Or is this all about the pronouns?  Because their bodies are still female and all the tests and things for pregnant people with female bodies would still be the same.  Maybe they want the stirrups painted blue?  They need a special section of the maternity ward set aside for people who no longer use testosterone?  How about a special section set aside for people who no longer use a wheelchair?

    The more I read about transgendered people, the wackier they seem…

  • anna-c

    Why do they even want to be pregnant anyway?  Only females can get pregnant, so you’d think they wouldn’t want anything to do with icky female activities such as being pregnant.  Oh I forgot — every time a baby is born with a vagina, the doctor checks “male” on the chart.  Gotcha.  Biology doesn’t seem to exist for these people…

    And if it doesn’t exist for them, then why should biology exist for anybody else?  We should stop putting “male” or “female” on anybody’s birth certificate in that case, since biology clearly doesn’t exist…

    And does this work for other animals as well?  I grew up on a farm, guess I should tell my dad that he should go milk the bull and grab eggs from the roosters?

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