• spokalou

    True enough Catholic colleges,  hospitals, and charities are staffed predominantly by non-Catholics and serve predominantly non-Catholics.  But don’t forget to follow the money.  Does it come from the parrish collection plate?  No, it comes from the federal government in the form of grants for housing and social service for low income people, medicaid and medicare reimbursements, and student loans.  In my opinion, the Catholic church can dictate exclusions to health care for their employees just as soon as they return the federal money that keeps their organizations afloat.  Enjoy that religious liberty!

  • will-stockwin

    Is there a more shameless group than the Catholic Bishops? After hiding and protecting child molesting priests for decades as the number of innocent victims ran into the thousands, they should all be spending the rest of their lives in jail cells kneeling on broken glass while praying to their god for forgiveness.

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