• jane-roberts

    Good column Vicky. Almost as important as Rio is the Family Planning Summit in London in July with DFID, the Gates Foundaiton and UNFPA. The agenda is making the human right to familiy planning a reality. By the way good people, July is also the 10th anniversary of 34 Million Friends of UNFPA and July 11 is World Population Day.  Dr. Osotimehin has promised to up the resources spent on family planning for the UNFPA budget from 25 percent to 40 percent, a significant jump.  I must say though that I’m rather pessimistic about the future. Human beings are a rapacious species.  We love our creature comforts. Over the next 40 years efforts to “develop” for a world of 9 billion will permanently subtract from the planet’s ability to sustain us and other living things.  I think it’s going to get pretty ugly.

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