Utah Legislator Pushes for Sex-Selective Abortion Ban

A national attempt to ban abortions that are sought solely because of the sex of the fetus may not have succeeded, but one Utah legislator believes it might be worth investigating to see if the state needs its own bill to address the alleged problem.

Via The Daily Herald:

Sen. Margaret Dayton, R-Orem, is looking at an idea to legislate a ban on gender-related abortions in Utah.

The only female Republican in the state Senate has opened a bill file to investigate if there is a need for a law in Utah that would penalize those participating in an abortion that was based on the sex of an unborn baby.

“Several states have strengthened their pro-life legislation by disallowing for abortions that are wanted just for gender preference. I want to review what other states are doing and see if that would enhance Utah’s laws,” Dayton said.

Dayton clarified that there was no language for a bill yet and that her move to open a bill file was to begin the discovery process on the subject.

Should Dayton draft a bill after her investigation, it would not likely be introduced until January of 2013.

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