• pegjohnston

    Excellent! Katie recognizes both the value of “coming out” and the pitfalls of relying on individual courage to de-stigmatize abortion. In an article I penned, “We Have Met the Enemy and S/he is Us” (http://www.abortioncarenetwork.org/term-papers/Enemy%20is%20Us.pdf/view) I call for all of us to create DMZ’s (De-Militarized Zones) in the abortion war to make room for individuals to talk about their experience.

    The Abortion Conversation Project started by helping those around women, notably with two handouts: Mom, Dad, I’m Pregnant and Especially for Men both now on the Abortion Care Network’s website. More people need to find ways to listen to women’s experiences about abortion without judgment.

    Finally, I want to alert people to the revival of the Abortion Conversation Project which is looking for creative ways to spark conversation and reduce stigma about abortion. Check out: http://abortionconversationproject.wordpress.com/  or join our mailing list. 

    Thank you, Katie!

  • mantis

    One narrative that strikes me as particularly powerful is that of a mother who had an abortion in the past, before she was ready to be a mother.  Such a woman can truthfully say, “I’m glad I had an abortion when I did because, if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have the children I have now.  Had I chosen to have a child then instead of having an abortion, I could not have given that child the good life my children have today.”


    Those who regard abortion as a tragedy because of the loss of the children who might have been rarely stop to consider the equal (or greater!) tragedy of the children who might have been — happy, healthy children raised in loving households with two committed parents — if the women who would have borne them had not been prevented from ever conceiving them by the constraints of single motherhood, being trapped in a bad relationship, having to care for a developmentally disabled child, losing their fertility to complications of pregnancy, or any other the other difficult circumstances abortion can avert.

  • wildthing

    All women risk the possibility of death in pregnancy and chilbirth or chronic hormonal destruction or unmanageable family survival issues. A womans body can spontaneously miscarry but they cannot use their minds regarding the risk to their lives and freedom of choice as to available medical procedures???… no one else is risking their lives so no one else can make those choices, or interfere with them without denying them their medical rights in addition to moral, ethical, or religious freedom, no doctor, minister, family member, legislator, or news jabberjockey should be able to or impune someones free choice. It is not a matter of stigma, it is the right of women to have a mind of their own as well as a body of their own.

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