Louisiana Senator David Vitter Proposes Senate “Sex Selection Abortion” Ban

Although the House version of a bill meant to ban abortions based on gender or race of the fetus never passed, the Senate is proposing their own bill anyway. Louisiana Senator David Vitter has proposed a new version of the so-called sex selection abortion ban, calling the hypothetical existence of abortions based on a fetus’ gender “flat-out morally wrong.

The bill is being co-sponsored by 25 senators — all Republicans.  Two of the co-sponsors are Republican women, New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte and Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

No anti-choice Democrats are sponsoring the bill, nor are the rest of the female Republican senators, such as Maine’s Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins.

The bill is not expected to pass the senate.

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  • wildthing

    All women risk the possibility of death in pregnancy and chilbirth or chronic hormonal destruction or unmanageable family survival issues. A womans body can spontaneously miscarry but they cannot use their minds regarding the risk to their lives and freedom of choice as to available medical procedures???… no one else is risking their lives so no one else can make those choices, or interfere with them without denying them their medical rights in addition to moral, ethical, or religious freedom, no doctor, minister, family member, legislator, or news jabberjockey should be able to or impune someones free choice. It is not a matter of stigma, it is the right of women to have a mind of their own as well as a body of their own.

    Early detection of sex would prevent octomom situations of absurd lengths to get a child of the other sex as a option.