Barber Wins Arizona House Seat Vacated By Giffords

Democrat and former aide to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Ron Barber has successfully won the Arizona special election, and will be finishing off his former boss’ term in office.

Barber, who was running against Republican Jesse Kelly, took 52 percent of the vote, while Kelly won 45 percent.  Green Party candidate Charlie Manolakis was also on the ballot.

Barber was expected to win the seat after recent polling showed him far ahead of Kelly, especially among those who said they had already cast their ballots.

The win should hand Barber an advantage as he heads into the general election, where he will once more likely face off against Kelly as they battle for a full two year term in office.

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  • coralsea

    Finally some sanity in Arizona.  Perhaps we are beginning to see the beginnings of a turnaround.