Kansas Pays Lots of Money To Defend Abortion Restrictions, But It Gets The Governor Speaking Gigs

It’s always frustrating to watch as states that are cutting programs because of budget “crunches” spend large amounts of taxpayer dollars defending blatantly unconstitutional abortion restrictions. Kansas has no doubt become a leader in this arena, as a new report shows the state has spent well over half a million dollars in legal fees defending their anti-choice legislation in the last year.

According to The Associated Press, the state spent over $300,000 trying to defund Planned Parenthood, $200,000 defending TRAP legislation, and another $100,000 trying to restrict private insurance plans from covering abortions.

But the taxpayers of Kansas don’t have to consider it a total loss. After all, would Republican Governor Sam Brownback  still be getting such great speaking gigs if not for these types of anti-choice bills? Brownback has been scheduled as the closing speaker for the National Right to Life Committee’s National Convention, where he will discuss his efforts to… defund Planned Parenthood, institute TRAP legislation and restrict private insurance plans from covering abortions.

If he receives a speaking fee, is there any chance he might give that back to the taxpayers?

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