• chelley

    These situations are abomidable, and i think i would have died if abortion had been illegeal in the 7’s so there would have been 2 deaths,  1 of a human person,and 1 of an human embryo. Some people just dont get it about babies born without a brain or minimal brain.  your brain is who you are.  your not a person without a brain, your organs to be donated.  or die before viability.  Awoman does not have to suffer with this excruciating knowlege for almost 5 months,  if she cant mentally handle it.  right now organ donation at birth of anencephalies is ileagal.  thats the first thing that needs to be changed.  second it is still the womans choice, I met a man last night who was heartbroken at his girlfriends abortion.  that in no way means she shold cary a pregnancy for 9 mths and give it to him, because it was his sperm. 

       for the first time i could feel empathy for the position of a man, feeling he had no control. having said this, controlling women is not the way for men to gain control.  it is empathy for her situation which will make him feel more empowered.  again every situation is different, abortion MUST be SAFE and LEGAL< all the way to Birth.

  • nevergetfooledagain

    I’ve been in this place, too, back in 1996. We need to tell these stories! 

  • nevergetfooledagain

    I’ve been in this place, too, back in 1996. We need to tell these stories! Here’s mine: http://nevergetfooledagain.blogspot.com/2011/06/normal-0-microsoftinternetexplorer4.html

  • oak-cliff-townie

    They have no interest in hearing your stories .

    You have to understand they have an invokable will of the higher power and the will of the power is to be praised when things are good. And it is understood that we don’t understand why things happen BUT they Happen for its ( A NON GENDER HIGHER POWER ? G*D ) reasons when the will goes another direction.


    MERCY ?  Common Decency? Not with this bunch !



  • karen-teegarden

    I posted a blog  at UniteWomen.org about your article Angi.


  • veggietart

    Vote these guys out of office.  Since they will not listen to their constituents–you know, the people they’re ostensibly hired/elected to represent–kick them out.  I know, easier said than done, but if enough people vote against someone who won’t even let a constituent testify about a bill that might affect her, hopefully this will serve as a wake-up call.


    So who was allowed to testify at these hearings?  Religious leaders who think women should carry doomed pregnancies to term and watch their babies suffer for hours before dying?


  • kat772

    The sad reality is that this story is all too common now-a-days, the more people on this earth, the more likely we are going to have a lot of women and families faced with this exact same issue. I was 21 weeks when I found out that my ever so wanted son was going to have Trisomy 21 and that his condition was not guaranteed to change. He would definitely have a life full of medical complications and possibly be succeeded by my husband and myself. Being that I am a loving mother of 4 children, I could not bring myself to abuse a child’s life like this. Sorry if I insult people with this, but, I feel like it would be committing “Child Abuse” to knowing proceed further with a child that has absolutely NO chance to a normal life! 

    My husband and I cried for days, I am crying right now just thinking of the sadness that my entire family was faced with. But, I strongly feel that this was the absolute best choice for my entire family and I am glad that I made the right choice. No child should ever have to live a life like that and no person should conciously make the choice to bring that pain, sadness, and tragedy upon anyone!!!! 

    @ Jenni: I think you made the right decision (whether hard), I honestly feel that for your family, you made the right decision, and THANK GOD that people fight every single day to make sure that we have those choices, I am happy to see that you are carrying on the great works of women ahead and behind you that have fought and even died to make us have that CHOICE, I know I am!!!!


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