Pro-Life Wisconsin: Walker Victory Shows “‘War on Women’ Is As Phony as it Sounds”

Some say the Wisconsin recall results revealed that fewer people cared about collective bargaining and union rights than has been believed. Others believe that the outcome hinged on the number of voters who didn’t believe the recall was justified. But Pro-life Wisconsin knows the truth — it’s that Wisconsin believes every baby should be born under absolutely every circumstance.

Via press release:

“We congratulate Governor Walker, Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch, Senator Fitzgerald and Senator-elect Petrowski on their outstanding victories, victories for Wisconsin’s preborn children and the vulnerable elderly and disabled,” said Matt Sande, director of the Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund political action committee (PAC).

“Their convincing wins prove that Wisconsinites will keep electing to high office men and women of principle who proclaim that abortion is never the answer to an unplanned pregnancy. Their wins prove that the ‘war on women’ is as phony as it sounds,” said Sande.

Remember, abortion is never the answer — be it a conception during a rape, a fetus with anomalies incompatible with life, or a mother who could die if she carries to term.

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  • oak-cliff-townie

    It was STUPID to make the RECALL about abortion !


    Let this be a lesson learned !