Anti-Choice Terrorist: God Told Me To Threaten Her

When Angel Dillard was arrested for sending threatening letters to Dr. Mila Means, her original defense was that it wasn’t a “true threat.” She wasn’t really going to put a bomb under the doctor’s car, her lawyer argued, so it shouldn’t count.

But now Dillard is taking a new approach.  She is counter-suing and now claims God was speaking to her.

Via The San Antonio Express:

Dillard responded with a lawsuit saying the government’s suit violates her freedom of speech and religion. Government lawyers have criticized her arguments and asked the court to dismiss her counterclaim. Her attorney asked the court Friday allow her to amend her lawsuit to address “any pleading defects” and support its allegations.

“Angel Dillard believed she was inspired by God to send a letter to Dr. Means in an attempt to convince her not to pursue her plan to abort babies in Wichita,” attorney Donald McKinney said. “Angel Dillard wrote the letter quickly, in a matter of minutes, and believed that her message was divinely inspired.”

It’s the next logical step in her argument that the letter was covered under free speech and freedom of religion, a defense that has already managed to make headway with state judges.

If all it takes to defend threats is to say God told you to do it, we’re likely to see clinic violence increase even more.

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  • coralsea

    If the courts accept this nutty argument, from this misguided woman, then I have some swampland in Florida that may interest them.  

  • bridgette-dunlap

    Just because there is something crazy in Dillard’s pleadings doesn’t mean there is any chance of “God told me to do it” being accepted as a defense.  That isn’t necessarily a claim that even gets you a not guilty by reason of insanity verdict. 

    As to the 1st Amendment issue,  I think the linked article mischaracterizes the order.  The judge denied the injunction on the grounds that whether the letter is a “true threat” is a question for the jury.  The order is available here

  • wildthing

    Belief in a personal God commanding you is a very dangerous concept that easily can justify a person doing anything they want because their god told them to. It over-rides all socil constraint and morals and give someone universal rights all on their own say so.