Missouri Version of “Blunt Amendment” Awaits Governor’s Signature

Missouri’s version of the “Blunt Amendment,” a bill that would allow employers to refuse insurance coverage for abortions, sterilizations, and even coverage of contraception, is heading to the governor’s desk for a signature. However, no one is entirely sure where he stands on the issue.

Democratic Governor Jay Nixon has made it a habit so far this year of simply not signing anti-choice legislation, preferring to let them become law without his public support or dissent. But this time he may not be able to refuse to take a side.

Jason Hancock reports at The Kansas City Star:

When asked about the issue in February, Nixon questioned the need for such legislation, since “we already have a strong religious and moral exemption on the books here in Missouri.”

Since then, however, the governor has remained quiet on the issue. When contacted last week, a spokesman for Nixon would say only that the governor was in the early stages of reviewing all the legislation passed by the General Assembly this year.

Will he veto, forcing the state legislature to override him? Or will he just let the bill go quietly onto the books as usual? He has until July 14th to act.

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