Rep. Nan Hayworth’s Spokesman Says It’s Time To “Hurl Some Acid” At Women Democratic Senators

A political spokesperson usually is hired because of his or her way with words, and ability to carefully craft a candidate’s or politician’s message.

Some are better at it than others.

Meet Jay Townsend, the official campaign spokesman for New York Republican Rep. Nan Hayworth. In explaining the congresswoman’s opposition to equal pay laws, Townsend remarked that Democrats in the Senate are being hypocrites who aren’t paying their own staff equally. His solution? “Hurl some acid” at them.

Via Raw Story:

“Listen to Tom,” he wrote Saturday, in reply to another Facebook user who had criticized Republicans. “What a little bee he has in his bonnet. Buzz Buzz. My question today… when is Tommy boy going to weigh in on all the Lilly Ledbetter hypocrites who claim to be fighting the War on Women? Let’s hurl some acid at those female democratic Senators who won’t abide the mandates they want to impose on the private sector.”

So far, Hayworth has neither repudiated the comments nor reprimanded her spokesman.

UPDATE: Townsend has now resigned from his position.

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  • coralsea

    Throwing acid in the faces of women is an abhorrent–and not uncommon–practice in some parts of the world.  The idea that this man would mention it, even hyperbolically, in the charged and crazy atmosphere surrounding women’s rights (with all of the scared, scared men who are desperate to control them), is incredibly irresponsible and dangerous.   The man is clearly a troll, but I still wouldn’t advocate any harm to come to him.  Dangerous times, people.  We live in dangerous times in which some people need little encouragement to commit atrocities.