• momtfh

    I was so happy when the rights of women to choose the site and mode of delivery made it into the keynote address at my first Medical Students for Choice conference. This is a highly relevant issue.

    Reproductive rights are a full spectrum. Treating pregnant women like human incubators who somehow have surrendered informed consent and bodily autonomy does not only matter when they decide whether or not to continue a pregnancy.

  • ness

    As a soon-to-be-doula and reproductive rights activist, I just want to thank you for this. I too often see the right to birth choices being ignored, even though the highly medicalized “guidance” of birth is still rampant and very deeply rooted in patriarchy and misogyny.

    While neither birth rights nor abortion rights can take the title of “most important issue”, I think it’s important that we put both subjects at the forefront of our fight for reproductive justice. WE ARE NOT INCUBATORS, and we all deserve choice.

  • asnnbrg

    I was pro-life until was in my 30s. And then I lost my birthing rights. I’d had a c-section, and I was told I was not permitted to have a VBAC. I could not have a home birth, either, not in my state. As I discovered that I literally had no rights to my own body, that I was captive to my pregnancy, captive to a state that should have had no say in my life or my choices, I realized that I was, in a very real, very palpable way, experiencing what so many women would be experiencing if my anti-choice stance were, in fact, law.


    I can no longer reconcile my “pro-life” beliefs with a woman’s right to choose what happens with her body. How dare I? I lost my rights with not just that birth but also a subsequent pregnancy and birth. No woman should have to go through that. I am thankful for my children and would not give them up for the world, but I would change the circumstances surrounding their births, if I could. 


    Every woman should have the right to decide for herself what happens with her body. She should not be forced by the state, by the medical profession, by US, to do what we think is right for her body. It is HER body. Not ours. 

  • jennifer-gagnon

    Hi, I hope Lauren the author reads these comments, but can you tell me which midwives/midwife groups this affected?


  • cpcwatcher

    Shortly after this was published, Raleigh’s News and Observer did a pretty excellent story on the situation.  A few things cleared up here:
    Seven nurse midwives lose physician supervision; expecting moms left looking for care


    CNMs that operate at our two birth centers are not affected.  And CPMs (certified professional midwives) and DEMs (direct-entry midwives) are already illegal so they’re no more affected than they were before. 

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