• judith-goldberger

    Oh yes, let’s make it possible for women of color to carry their babies and birth cared for by midwives! And let’s not stop there!


    Black women are more likely to have small babies and premature babies, even when they have full prenatal care and are otherwise healthy. Even more likely than white women who have no prenatal care, or white women who smoke, for example…. That’s not a mere disparity, there’s inequity at work.


    Take preeclampsia for example. There are some studies showing that stress may be one factor in why it develops in pregnancy. And finally there are some studies demonstrating the impact of living with the chronic stress of living as person of color in a society whose institutions privilege one race over others, where all of us absorb its insidious habits and pass them on if we don’t think about them. Is anyone looking at this connection? And, once we have the studies, what is our work for racial justice?


    Thank you, Miriam, for keeping those questions coming!

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