Florida Rep. Allen West Jokes About Seniors, Pink Slips, And His Vote for the Let Women Die Act of 2011

VIDEO: Rep. Allen West Jokes about his vote for H.R. 358, the Let Women Die Act

Rep. Allen West got testy toward seniors protesting his policies at a town hall meeting in Boca Raton yesterday. West ripped up pink slips, and even made jokes about letting women die. He then calls female protestors, “groupies.”

In a town-hall meeting yesterday, Rep. Allen West (R-FL) let his disdain for unemployed Americans and his misogyny hang out. All over the place.

In the first video here, he jokes about, then rips up “pink slips” delivered to him by protesters. He goes on to joke about his vote for the Let Women Die Act of 2011, making light of legislation that would, if it became law, literally allow hospitals and doctors to opt out of treating — or even referring to others for care — women needing emergency abortions to save their lives.

In the second video, West is found calling the women protesting his policies, “groupies.”

I frankly appreciate it when politicians like West just let loose. At least then we don’t have to deal with the double-talk about “life,” “compassion,” and “respect for women.”

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